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Why do I ask so many god damn questions?
Maybe so I won't have to spill these confessions
Forgive me, for I know what I've done
And it's left me again as the lonely one
I'm left as the only one
To listen to these voices though I try to run
As fast as I can
From everything I've ever known that makes a man

Stop pissing on me
There's no jellyfish sting
Stop it, you're staining my broken arm sling
It's obvious that your eyes have not seen
The things I can do they should make your heart sink

Where do you think you're going?
This has just begun
You can't leave me knowing
That you're the one

This is what keeps me up at night
This is what fuels the fire inside my eyes
This is the other side
I've felt this way before
I hear the words I've tried so hard to ignore
You've all made me who I am today
How in the world could I ever repay?


from The Home EP, released August 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Trout Newark, Delaware

We are five dudes with the same desire to express our opinions and experiences of life in the form of music.


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